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I am a full time Electrical Engineering Technician and also run a part time Freelance Service as a videographer, developing my filmmaking skills and business.


Since then, I've branched off, starting my own Production Company and created Courageous Films. I am married to the most beautiful woman on this Earth and have the cutest little daughter and another one on its way. 


My objective as a content creator is to utilize the talents that God has given me to capture and share all the good in life, and to educate others on how to capture the good as well, in hope to inspire viewers to have a more positive outlook on life, and to share their talents with the world as well. Currently I am freelancing for various companies in South Africa and enjoying every moment meeting new people, which eventually becoming friends.


Please email me at for any and all business inquiries.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @courageousfilmsza or @reniellmatthysen to see the fun projects I am working on :)